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FurReal GoGo My Walking Pup

This Pup is expected to be a top wished for FurReal Friends christmas this year. It walks and barks just like a real thing and is a great gift for those how are not able to accomodate a real this pup always stays a puppy.


Barks Like the Real Thing
FurReal GoGo my walking pup is soft to the touch and proportioned like a real Bichon Frise dog. Her ears have a crinkle-style texture and closely resemble a Bichon's after a trip to the groomer. In other words, GoGo is a cutie.


FurReal GoGo My Walking Pup's tail wags and she gives off a high-pitched bark. Pet GoGo on the head and she will bark with enthusiasm. Pet her on the side, and she'll turn to meet you. Her head tilts, raises and lowers, and her body wiggles. Her actions are very life like that many people think it is a real walking puppy. Infact, she even sheds, so beware!


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Remote-Controlled Dog Wantsto get Going
The Remotes has big-buttoned and doubles as a leash that fits comfortably in a young child's hand, you can turn on the pup and she's raring to go have fun. Set GoG My Walking Pup to "on" mode, and she practically tugs at her leash to go for a walk. The leash controls GoGo's movements. Press the forward arrow, and she walks at a kid's pace; press the left and right arrow buttons, and she negotiates corners. Once GoGo starts moving, she doesn't want to come back. Don't worry, though--her motor is not too strong, so kids can easily rein her in when it's time to go home. Even while in the "on" mode, GoGo remains both sound and motion activated, so any activity on your walk will make her respond like a real pet. Be careful--if you cough or sneeze in GoGo's presence, she could take off on her own!

GoGo My walking PupBuilt to Walk on Smooth, Dry Surfaces
GoGo is designed with four rubber wheels--one beneath each paw--that are hidden by fur. Each of the front wheels rotates on a cam lobe, and GoGo's knees are jointed, so her front legs appear to bend as if she's extending her forepaws to walk.
GoGo responded well, puppy walking without any stumbles or glitches, when our testers walked her on hard floors and commercial carpets. The box's photos show GoGo parading down an outdoor sidewalk. As long as the terrain is smooth and dry, we think she'll be fine. But make sure you gently clean GoGo off with a slightly damp cloth or brush to keep her mechanisms in working order.

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This Pup Loves the Attention
Like any good-natured dog, GoGo My walking pup wants to be loved. She'll whine if she's being lifted awkwardly or pulled harshly by her leash, and she may even stop moving. In fact, in our repeated tests, it sounded as if GoGo let out a brief growl whenever we weren't as gentle as we should have been. Also, if you want peace and quiet around the house, make sure you turn this walking puppy off when it's time for her to nap. Otherwise, like a real puppy, she pants and barks at surprising times, and that can wear down her batteries.


Top Chistrmas Gift of the Season

Don't pass up this chance to give a topnotch gift this season. The FurReal GoGo My Walkin' Pup we be loved and cherished by your child for many years to come. This is a great gift if it is your first pet or if you have a house full of pets.